Writing Grelliam at work is so much better than working *w*

And then going home and forgetting to finish it properly. Yey! ;w;

Can I have a 1,5 and 9? ^_^


*huggles* Thank you, sweetie!

1. Answered

5. How many blogs do you follow?


9. Who made your icon?
 The lineart was made by my roomie and I did the coloring  and added the horns (he forgot about them) ^^
Here the original drawing :D


Chn~~ Seriously, that little giraffe is unbearably cute //*.*//

Oh god… 128? So many *_* 




This actually made me smile

Babbu Butler: Season 2

The Fight To Babysit Ciel

+ bonus Will the grim reapie


cupcakes de nutella en We Heart It.

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William T. Spears.

His eyes.

Reaped my soul.


Author’s note: I could make a tutorial teaching how to draw eyes and eyebrows (the only thing I’m good at… lol XD). Let me know what you think. 

This is so damn gorgeous!!

Taken on: 30th of August: After King’s Brunch Dining

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William’s sexuality hasn’t ever been hinted at in the slightest but I just look at him and all I can think is gay. I don’t even know why. I don’t think I could accept him being straight it would be so weird. No. This man is homo. To the core. To the hardcore core. Full homo bro.

The only question is does he know he’s homo.

I introduce you my doom. The subject of my exam tomorrow. Which I remembered just yesterday.
As much as I admire them, if mr Heartfield, Burgin, Kenard and Stezaker were kind enough to stay in my head I’d be grateful.
I’ll either rock this or break down… Will see tomorrow
Tomorrow~ Tomorrow~